Our Services

Desert Medical Group can perform the following services for your personal injury clinic:

  • Consultations – We help you understand what all is involved in setting up a medical management/interventional pain program in your office
  • Training – We can train your primary providers on how to properly work up personal injury patients, including the most appropriate ICD-10 diagnoses to avoid heavy reductions and denials
  • Operations – We can setup a full service medical management and pain practice, including staffing, fee schedules (appropriate to your market), case management, policies/procedures, patient flows, equipment requirements, etc.

The fees we charge for our service depend on the level of service you need.

Consultations – Price depends on our assessment of how much time it will take to help you understand the entire implementation process, hire additional providers and staff (if needed), and help create patient flows and fee schedules. Our fee is all encompassing of travel, lodging, and meals. This typically takes 3-4 weeks, broken up over 1-3 months. This is a great option for practices seeing 150+ new personal injury patients per month. Ongoing support can be negotiated.

Training – Price depends on the experience and the number of your current providers. We will take them through examination skills, proper diagnosis selection, and best treatment recommendations. The fee is all encompassing of travel, lodging, and meals. Alternatively, you have the option to send your staff to our Arizona location for training, which offsets the ancillary costs associated with our fee for training. Estimated time of training is dependent on provider experience and ability to learn.

It’s very common to create a combined consultation and training package, as we help hire and train new personal injury medical providers.

Operations – This is the easiest and fastest way to implement a new service line in your practice. Once an operations agreement is signed, all consultation and other services needed are included in the agreement. No upfront payments to our group for start-up is required.

We provide all staff needed, including medical providers, to operate this service line. All you need to provide is space and purchase the equipment listed below (if required).

Here are the 3 options we offer for an operations agreement:

1 – We will invoice you once/month for all clinic services performed. This is based on an agreed upon fee schedule between Desert Medical Group and your clinic. The invoice payment is due within 2 weeks, and you hold all the liens for the cases. You are responsible for purchasing all required equipment. This is the best return-on-investment for your practice.

2 – We will invoice you once/month for all clinic services, up to a cap (this cap is set by your practice). This is based on an agreed upon fee schedule between Desert Medical Group and your clinic. The invoice payment is due within 2 weeks. Once the cap is reached, we will hold all the liens for the work performed beyond the cap, and you hold the liens for the cases that were invoiced. This allows you to get services started at a less expensive cost, and still build a pipeline for future returns.You are responsible for purchasing all required equipment.

3 – We perform all services and hold all liens. We assume all the equipment costs and risk, and your practice will not hold any liens. This is best if you are just looking to make it easier for you patient to receive more comprehensive care at a location they are familiar with. This is not the best financial option for your practice, as you do not build any future revenue with this model.

We do not participate in revenue splits or percentage/profit sharing.

Required Equipment (costs are what we have paid, but are still estimates)

  • C-Arm and table – ~ $110,000 (financing through a 3rd party available)
  • Lead Aprons – 4 total – ~ $1200
  • Various medications and supplies – initial setup ~ $5000


  • Radiofrequency ablation generator – ~ $40,000 (financing available)
  • Sterilizer – ~ $5000

So, an initial outlay of about $7,000, with a financed balance of about $110,000 is needed if you are required to purchase the required equipment.

If you are in the Greater Phoenix, AZ area, we can discuss patients coming to our facility for treatment, which eliminates equipment costs.

Cash flow is always a concern in the personal injury space. This is why we offer different options to implement this service. We also have relationships with various funding companies if you’d like to consider this option.

The important thing to remember, is you can do this! With our help, you can capture millions of dollars you are referring out each month! Stop throwing away money and help your patients receive more comprehensive care in your office!

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